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                  Private Aircraft Charter

                  Excel Jet offers Private Air charter Services Globally with unmatched service standards. Our expertise is in arranging Private jets for Business Heads, Corporate Moguls, entrepreneurs and High Net worth individuals so they can travel to anywhere in the world.

                  What we offer

                  Private Charter

                  Excel Aviation Services offers private jet on charter, rent and lease. Private jets are ideal for individuals, celebrities, and small families and are often used for faster traveling and reaching to far away terrains in complete privacy. Our world class private jet services are designed to cater to the specialized needs of all our top-class clients. Our special care to privacy and security ensures that our clients get unperturbed departure and arrival. Moreover, our professional fleet management services are exponentially meticulous that enable us to escort safely our clients to departure, get through checking, board on-flight and then after arrival, de-board safely and escorted out safely. Our private jets are available in all shapes and sizes, from narrow to wide, from 2 seaters to 100 seaters and more, and high-speed to medium speed jets in India or anywhere in the world.

                  • Swift escorting for departures and arrivals
                  • Enhanced security and privacy
                  • Special treatment, and special on-request services
                  • Bespoke private jet on-board and off-board services
                  • No flight delays, no hassles, no stoppages
                  • Smooth check-ins and check-outs
                  • Instant arrangements for luxury services
                  Private Charter

                  We offer large passenger executive airliners that are ideal for group charter and corporate charter. We have enabled more than 50 clients to avail our specialized airliner charter services for mid-sized to large, 5 seater executive jet to 200 seater jets. Our dedicated staff for airliner chartering is always available at your services, to help you choose through a range of offerings right according to your requirements and lifestyle. Also, our team will help you choose the best timings for departure and arrivals to ensure your successful and on-time journey.


                  Complete set of airliner service – from escorting to the airliner, luggage handling, bypassing all permits and checking to boarding, on-flight specialized services, special on-board requests, special cuisine request, and de-boarding and again escorting after arrival.

                  • 100% hassle free airliner charter services
                  • Zero tolerance to delays, and inefficiencies
                  • Fast response time, and immediate handling of change of plans
                  • Insurmountable security, and complete privacy
                  • Assured comfort, and faster medicinal help
                  • Dedicated executive staff for personalized services
                  Private Charter

                  Excel Aviation helicopter charter and/or lease services are available in India and worldwide. Ideally, helicopters are used for short distance traveling, reaching to highly difficult terrains (such as mountains, buildings, villages), for leisure purposes, for emergency air ambulance services, entertainment purposes, for marriage, and often used by scientific communities. Moreover, we offer a range of helicopters from short distance to long-range helicopters, small, mid-sized to large-sized helicopters, two seats to eight seats helicopters.

                  • Turnkey helicopter on charter in India
                  • Helicopter chartering for all kinds of usage from private, personal to professional and public
                  • Special helicopter emergency services available 24×7
                  • Personalized approach with dedicated support staff
                  • Bespoke services available in your budget and time
                  • All types of helicopters available for use
                  Private Charter

                  We offer all kinds of luxury cars on rent and lease for your business and leisure requirements. From Rolls Royce to Maybachs, we have them all to offer you the best service. We offer luxury car rental services in all over India and provide you the best on road travelling experience

                  Available cars -
                  • Rolls Royce
                  • Porsche Panamera
                  • Maserati Quattroporte
                  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
                  • Jaguar XJ L
                  • Porsche Cayenne
                  • Audi A8 L

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