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Excel Aviation Services is led by experts from the aviation industry of India and USA. Our management is at the forefront enabling the team to overcome any hurdles in offering clients with hassle-free private air charter solutions. The team is committed to ensuring quality and safety standards, travel authority and legal requirements are always met in a timely manner for your journey. As a leading private aviation company, we pride ourselves on excellent service, stress-free travel experience, and our aspiration to delight each time.

Anil Kakkar, Founder & CEO

A cool-headed and vastly experienced founding member and CEO, Anil V Kakkar is one of the most trusted and recognised charter experts in India. Having invested over 20 years in the aviation industry, he is a thorough professional orchestrating unparalleled service protocols to manage client needs at great value-for-money, each time. Under his leadership, the team strives to go above and beyond in meeting client expectations with precision. With prompt communication and solution finding as top priorities, Anil seldom lets a client down, no matter the time and type of requirement.

Jyoti Kakkar, Co-Founder & Director

Highly knowledgeable and one of the most enthusiastic personnel in the aviation industry, Jyoti Kakkar is one of the positive forces behind Excel Aviation Services. With more than two decades of experience in private aviation companies, and background in Marketing, Jyoti has brought team Excel to new heights in the air chartering line of business. Jyoti possesses excellent relationship building and liaising skills, and she has built a strong network within the private aviation sector that allows her to seamlessly solve problems even at the eleventh hour. She is known as our ‘YES’ person, as nothing is impossible for her in private charting business.

Why Fly With US?

We started our air charter services business in 2001. Today, we are one of the best private aviation companies in India and USA. With a global network of partners, we are able to fly you in and out of any airport in the world. Our strategic approach to managing air charters with top service quality has allowed us to build strong relationships within the aviation industry and our clients, leveraging 20 years of trust. Our values are founded on uncompromising professionalism, solid organisational structure, respect, and cheerful camaraderie.

Best Private Jet Company

Our private aviation company has served top celebrities, sportsmen, business tycoons, ultra high net worth individuals, non-residents, corporations, agencies, and many others.

We cover all major continents in the world with our private air fleets to and from the Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and North America to South America.

Private Jet Maldives Charter flights from Delhi, Dubai, London, Mumbai, Kolkata.

Our private jet company follows a security protocol whilst keeping time management, and zero-tolerance to delay and inefficiency as top priorities, enabling us to satisfy our client needs each time.

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We ensure that you get a hassle-free deal, with the best on-ground service and in-flight experience for the best price.

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Premium Fleet Access

With one of the largest private air fleet access – 150 jets and helicopters in India, and more than 1,000 across the globe, our private jet company delivers world-class chartering experience to our clients anytime, anywhere. Major or remote, we can fly you to any airport world-wide, and offer round-the-clock service to ensure your journey is safe and comfortable using the best fleet available today.

Bombardier Challenger 605
Bombardier Global 6000
Cessna Citation XL
Dassault Falcon 2000
Dassault Falcon 7X
Embraer Legacy 650
Hawker 850XP
King Air B200
King Air B350
King Air C90
Premier 1A
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