Luxury Jet Hire

Luxury jet hire for an ultra-luxe travel experience with unparalleled service tailored to your needs.

A flight charter service that exceeds all expectations

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Feel of Comfort

Imagine flying in a luxury jet with the comfort of your home. We help choose an aircraft with high class cabin design that makes you feel at ease instantly. From a fully equipped business suite to a relaxing space with a lounge feel, our fleet of luxury jets has a variety of options for your private air travel needs.

Latest Luxury Jets

To ensure you thoroughly enjoy your exclusive travel experience, we have only premium luxury jets to hire in our fleet. We offer the most up to date and well maintained aircrafts using the latest technology that allows us to assure your safety and security is never compromised during your journey.

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Gourmet On-Board Meal
Feel Of Comfort

When you hire a luxury jet with us, you can enjoy a fine dining experience during your flight, as we cater for your specific culinary needs with a special gourmet on-board meal. A custom menu can be prepared for your journey ensuring that our in-flight meal service exceeds your expectations. Whatever your dietary intake may be, we will cater for it.


Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, or a family holiday, our luxury jet hire services are ideal for your exclusive trips. We deliver a personalised flying experience to exotic destinations or fun-filled adventures tailored to make your luxurious private trip a memorable one. We attend to the smallest of details to ensure every passenger’s individual needs are met precisely.

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