Month: April 2021

charter flights for indian seafarers

Charter Flights For Seafarers

The frequency of charter flights for Seafarers is on the rise around the world. This is not a coincidence, as Marine companies and Shipping companies need to change their crew on the vessel. Vessels also require maintenance engineers and technicians to work on-board. Consequently, they are also flown on private business jets from different parts of the world. This means that Seafarers around the globe need to reach their vessel to relieve the crew on-board.
Due to the pandemic the demand for these flights has increased. Ship managers and manning companies operating from India are running charter flights for Seafarers crew change at foreign ports. If you are looking to arrange transport for Seafarers in your company, we at Excel Aviation are able to assist you with just the charter flight you need.
With our vast experience in private flights for large groups, our team has arranged and operated many such flights for Indian Seafarers, and are able to assist you with ease. We have access to a large variety of aircrafts, and we have arranged seafarers charters with over 120 ship crew members travelling together. Keeping social distancing as the top priority for the entire group, we have charter large commercial airliners with seafarers occupying only alternate seats on the aircraft.
charter flights for Indian seafarers
Our team follows a protocol, and seafarers are provided with a safety kit to protect them from any chance of the spread. The kit includes Hand Gloves, Face Masks, Hand-Sanitiser, Face Shield along with the boarding pass during check-in. We also operate swap flights for Seafarers signing-off to fly back to their home destinations.
charter flights for seafarers

List of Charter Flights for Seafarers in India

Here are the regular Charter Flights for Seafarers in India that we are operating on a weekly basis:
Common departure ports for Seafarers Charter Flights include Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi too. If you need help with arranging transport for your vessel crew, please contact us for a no obligation quote and best prices for seafarers private flights.